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1994 – Coast Guard Acquires Executive Transport: C-20B

c 20b - 1994 – Coast Guard Acquires Executive Transport: C-20B

The C-20B is a military modification of the commercial Gulfstream III aircraft, manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.  The C-20B was used to support long range-low passenger missions offering worldwide access and included a communications suite which provided worldwide secure voice and data communications. The Air Force chose the C-20B as a replacement for the C-140B Jetstar in 1983.

The Coast Guard obtained a C-20B (G-III serial number 477)  from the Air Force in 1994 to replace the C-11 executive transport. It served as the Commandant’s and Secretary of Transportation’s executive jet transport. It was the only dedicated command and control support in the Coast Guard inventory. The aircraft, in Air Force configuration, was equipped with MILSATCOM which was later removed and updated to STU III capable INMARSAT SATCOM. The changes compared to the C-11, in addition to the command and control capability, included GPS , TCAS,  an AC electrical system versus the DC system in the VC-11,  a revised wing of greater span and area with drag reducing winglets, more fuel tank capacity and thus greater range, re-profiled nose and a three foot fuselage stretch. Contractor logistics support was utilized.


Gulfstream C-20B
Manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
Designation C-20B
Other Designations USCG-01; Gulfstream III
Aircraft Type Fixed-wing twin-engine long range command
and control turbojet aircraft
Wing Span 77′ 10″
Height 24′ 6″
Length 83′ 2″
Fuel Capacity 28,300 lbs usable
Top Speed .82 Mach
Cruising Speed .75Mach
Range 3,700 nautical miles
Gross Weight 69,700 pounds
Crew 2 with up to 14 passengers
Service Ceiling 45,000 feet
Engine(s) 2 x Rolls-Royce Spey MK511-8 turbofan engines
producing 11,400 pounds of thrust per engine;
engines equipped with thrust reversers.
Unit cost Approx. $22.2 million


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