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1936 – Viking Flying Boat 00-1 Obtained

Viking OO1 4 - 1936: Viking Flying Boat 00-1 Obtained

During the last three months of 1936 five Viking OO-1 open cockpit seaplanes were obtained from the Viking Flying Boat Company of New Haven, Connecticut. These aircraft were derived from the Schravions Schreck-FBA designed by Louis Schreck. The Coast Guard had previously purchased a seaplane of this type, listed as experimental, directly from the factory in France.  It was destroyed by fire in 1934.

The Viking Company initially secured a license to manufacture these aircraft in the United States in late 1929. This was followed by a merger and the manufacturing activities moved to the Viking Company facilities in New Haven. They intended to reach the wealthy sportsmen along the coastal areas but the economic collapse of the 1930s precluded this. In the mid 1930s the Coast Guard was looking for a small economical utility seaplane and based on previous experience with the original Schravions-Schreck aircraft placed the order for five Viking aircraft powered by a Wright Whirlwind R-760 engine. The difference between the cruise speed of 88mph and the stall speed of 48 mph provided a good margin of safety and a low water entry speed for water operations. The cost was $6500 per aircraft. They were designated OO-1. The last of these aircraft was decommissioned April of 1941.


Manufacturer                 Viking Boat Company

Engine                 250 hp Wright Whirlwind R-760

Designation                    OO-1

Propeller               2 blade wood-fixed pitch

Type                             Seaplane

Fuel Capacity         60 gals

Length                          29 ft  4in

Range                   390 miles

Wing Span                     38 ft  7 in

Max Speed            104 mph

Gross Weight                 5900 pounds

Cruise Speed          88 mph