A Project of the Coast Guard Aviation Association

Aircraft Used In Coast Guard Aviation

This is a listing of Coast Guard aircraft. It begins with the initial efforts to establish Coast Guard Aviation and continues chronologically to the present. At its inception, there were no Coast Guard aircraft. A civilian aircraft was used to prove the need for Coast Guard aviation. At the time of the initial pilot training phase, conducted by the U.S. Navy the United States was engaged in WWI. During WWI Coast Guard Aviators were assigned to naval units on an individual basis. The aircraft they flew were not Coast Guard aircraft but are included in this timeline for historic continuity. The NC-4 is also included because of its historic significance. The first designated Coast Guard aircraft were obtained when the initial Coast Guard Air Station was established at Morehead City, North Carolina in 1920. During WWII the Coast Guard again operated as part of the U.S. Navy but operated as a Coast Guard unit.

Each entry has a date and a short descriptive narrative. A more detailed narrative on these aircraft may be found in the Chronological History of Coast Guard Aviation.