A Project of the Coast Guard Aviation Association

Grumman JRF-2/3/5 G “Goose”

Grumman developed the G-21 Goose as a civilian transport aircraft designed to meet the needs of wealthy business organizations. It was put on the market in 1937. The Navy began acquiring the G-26 version in 1938 and designated them as JRF,    Seven G-39 design aircraft designated JRF-2, were built to Coast Guard specifications, and were purchased by the Coast Guard in 1939 and 1940. Three additional JRF-3s were purchased in 1940.

Beginning in 1941 Grumman commenced delivery of the G-38 design JRF-5.  The Coast Guard Acquired 24 of the G-38 model, designated JRF-5G, beginning in 1941.  Some of these were US Navy aircraft transferred for Coast Guard operations and retained their BUAER numbers.

Prior to World War II these aircraft carried out search and rescue as well as aerial mapping flights and participated in the Coast Guard’s contribution to the enforcement of the Neutrality Patrol.  During the war, the JRFs conducted search and rescue operations, transported supplies and personnel and were utilized for ASW operations. Depth Charges or Bombs were carried externally under the wing.  

Most of the remaining Coast Guard’s JRF-2/3s were disposed of shortly after the end of World War II while many of the JRF-5Gs remained in service with the Coast Guard until 1954.