A Project of the Coast Guard Aviation Association

Manufacturer: Grumman

Grumman J4F-1 “Widgeon” (1941)

The initial production of 41 aircraft was delivered to civilian customers and the Portuguese Navy. Production then switched filling orders for both the Navy and Coast Guard for a light amphibian utility transport designated as J4F-1. The Coast Guard acquired 25 J4F-1 aircraft purchased in two groups.

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Grumman JRF

Grumman JRF-2/3/5 G “Goose” (1939)

Grumman developed the G-21 Goose as a civilian transport aircraft designed to meet the needs of wealthy business organizations. It was put on the market in 1937. The Navy began acquiring the G-26 version in 1938 and designated them as JRF, Seven G-39 design aircraft designated JRF-2, were built to Coast Guard specifications, and were purchased by the Coast Guard in 1939 and 1940.

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JF-2 Grumman “Duck”

Grumman JF-2, J2F-4, 5, 6 “Duck” (1934)

The Coast Guard obtained fourteen JF-2’s. The first was acquired in October of 1934. They were designed specifically for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard numbers were V-135 through V148 The JF-2’s played an instrumental role during the Coast Guard’s testing of air operations on board its cutters.

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