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Gulfstream C-20B “Gulfstream III” (1985)

The C-20B was a twin-engine turbo fan Long Range Command and Control (LRCC) was obtained by the Coast Guard in 1985. The G-III was the only dedicated command and control support aircraft in the Coast Guard inventory during its term of service. It served as the Commandant’s and the Secretary of Transportation’s executive jet transport.

The Gulfstream III was designed as an improved variant of the Grumman Gulfstream II. Design studies were performed by Grumman Aerospace Corporation in collaboration with Gulfstream American Corporation. Work began on design modifications. The C-20B retainrd the Gulfstream II wing box structure and trailing edge surfaces. The inboard wing was extended in chord and re-contoured, to reduce the aircraft’s high-speed drag. The wing span was increased by six feet and five-foot winglets were added. In addition, the fuselage was lengthened by an additional two-foot section aft of the main door and the radome was extended and re-contoured. A new curved windscreen was incorporated, changes were made to the cockpit instruments and autopilot and the maximum take-off weight was increased.