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Grumman JF-2, J2F-4, 5, 6 “Duck”

The Coast Guard obtained fourteen JF-2’s.  The first was acquired in October of 1934. They were designed specifically for the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard numbers were V-135 through V148 The JF-2’s played an instrumental role during the Coast Guard’s testing of air operations on board its cutters. Two were carried experimentally on board the cutters Spencer and Taney during pre-war tests. Others were used successfully on board cutters stationed on the Greenland Patrol. The second model in the series was the J2F-4 through 6. They were obtained from the U.S. Navy. The Northland’s J2F-4, piloted by LT John Pritchard and carrying Radioman Benjamin Bottoms, disappeared on a search and rescue mission over Greenland in November, 1942. After the war, a J2F-6 assigned to the Northwind, participated in Operation High Jump, the expedition to Antarctica. This took place in 1946 – 1947.