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Grumman VC-11A “Gulfstream II” (1969)

The Coast Guard acquired a single Grumman Gulfstream II in February 1969 as a high speed executive transport for use by the Commandant and the Secretary of Transportation. It was the successor to the highly successful G-159 Gulfstream I (VC-4A). The G1159 design retained much of the VC-4A fuselage and was also fitted with dual nose and main-wheels. New wings with 25 degrees of sweep and swept T-tail were designed. .A turbo-jet, purchased off-the-shelf, it was equipped with an Inertial Navigation System that allowed it to go any place in the world without outside input.  It was based out of Washington National Airport. 

The VC-11A flew an average of 600 hours per year and carried an average of 6.5 passengers per flight.