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R4D-5 “Skytrain”

The Coast Guard acquire eight Douglas R4D-5 transport from the Navy between October 5 1946 and Jan 31, 1947.. They were used for search and rescue duties, as transports, and logistic support work. Note the wide cargo door and the search blister forward of the cargo door.

All but four R4D-5’s were removed from service by 1956 and only one, Bureau Number 12446, remained in service until 1961.

Interviews with WWII personnel and pilot log books show that Coast Guard pilots flew R4D-4/5 aircraft prior to 1946. These were USN aircraft. During WWII, when required, aircraft were “borrowed” from the nearest NAS for brief periods – a week to as long as 90 days and used by the Coast Guard. When a Coast Guard aviation facility was co-based with an active NAS, the desired aircraft were provided the same way – drawn from what was termed “pool aircraft”. These machines remained property of the USN Pool they came from. They were returned when their service was no longer required.