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Curtiss SO3C-1/2/3 “Seamew”

The Curtiss SO3C Seamew was developed by the Curtiss-Wright Corporation as a replacement for the SOC Seagull as the United States Navy’s standard floatplane scout. Curtiss named the SO3C the Seamew

From the time it entered service the SO3C suffered two serious flaws: in-flight stability problems and problems with the unique Ranger air-cooled V-shaped inline engine.

While the in-flight stability problem was eventually addressed (although not fully solved), the Ranger XV-770 engine proved a dismal failure even after many attempted modifications. Poor flight performance and a poor maintenance record led to the SO3C being withdrawn from US Navy first line units by 1944.

The Navy assigned 27 SOC1/3 to the Coast Guard. In1943/44. All aircraft were returned to the Navy by June 1944.