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Manufacturer: Curtiss

R5c 1 m 300x122

Curtiss R5C-1 (1947)

Curtiss R5C-1 Ten R5C-1’s were delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard on mid 1947 and based at Coast Guard Air Station (CGAS) Elizabeth City, North

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Curtiss NC 4 300x117

Curtiss NC-4 (1919)

Curtiss NC-4 The NC-4 was one of four NC (Navy-Curtiss) flying-boats, built during World War I, originally to provide patrol cover for American shipping in

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Curtiss N-9 seaplane

Curtiss R-6 (1917)

Curtiss R-6 The Curtiss R-6 was flown by Coast Guard Aviators during WWI. The Armored Cruiser Huntington arrived in Pensacola on May 28, 1917 for

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Mf m Flying Boat 300x122

Curtiss Model F Flying Boat (1915)

When Lieutenants Stone and Hall first participated in flights to prove the value of the airplane to the Coast Guard –they did so at the Curtis Flying School at Hampton Roads Virginia. A Curtis MF Flying Boat was utilized It was not a Coast Guard aircraft.

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