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Curtiss R5C-1

Ten R5C-1’s were delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard on mid 1947 and based at Coast Guard Air Station (CGAS) Elizabeth City, North Carolina to support the Coast Guards Aircraft Repair and Supply Center.

Of the 10 aircraft received one was returned and four were declared surplus to the Coast Guard’s needs and were returned to the War assets Administration for disposal. In 1948 an additional R-5C was transferred to the Navy. Of the four remaining aircraft, Two were used as spares and two were fully operational.

These aircraft were used for logistic and personnel transportation to Coast Guard facilities. The R-5C-1 had a reinforced floor to accommodate 15,000 pounds (6,804 kg) of cargo and a large two-segment cargo door on the port side aft of the wing opening outward and upward

With the outbreak of the Korea hostilities in 1950 the  R5Cs were transferred to the USAF.