OS2U  launch depth chg
OS2U dec42 ramping os2u3
OS2U  kingfisher 1942 72dpi
OS2U 3dec42 os2u3 on ramp for patrol
OS2U 3 m
OS2U 1943  on water 72dpi
Oos2u 3 m
OS2U 5
OS2U3 depth charges
OS2U Kingfisher
OS2U 1
OS2U WWII ljvery

 Vought OS2U-2 / 3 “Kingfisher”

Beginning in March 1942 the Coast Guard received the first of 76 Kingfishers; The  Kingfishers were modified for Coast Guard use and were designated OS2U-3s.   Their primary purpose was to provide the Coast Guard’s early anti-submarine efforts along the coastlines of the United States. Area patrols were flown and air cover for merchant convoys was provided. They carried two 325 aerial depth charges and could fly patrols of up to six hours.  There were 61 recorded attacks on enemy submarines made by Coast Guard aircraft. The preponderance of these was made in 1942 when there was a heavy concentration of German submarines off the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. None of the OS2Us were credited with sinking a submarine. Of notable importance were the many rescues of survivors from torpedoed ships.

The Kingfishers were discontinued from Coast Guard service by October, 1944