Vought OS2U-2 / 3 “Kingfisher” (1942)

Beginning in March 1942 the Coast Guard received the first of 76 Kingfishers; The Kingfishers were modified for Coast Guard use and were designated OS2U-3s. Their primary purpose was to provide the Coast Guard’s early anti-submarine efforts along the coastlines of the United States. Area patrols were flown and air cover for merchant convoys was provided.

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Vought O2U-2/3 “Corsair” (1934)

The Coast Guard obtained six Chance-Vought O2U-2 Corsairs from the Navy Department's inventory; three in 1934 and three more in 1935. They were modified at Eastern Air Service, Miami. The overhaul included removal of til hooks, installation of dual controls for the aft cockpit, installation of Coast Guard radios, and engine overhauls.

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Vought UO-1, UO-4 (1926)

Vought UO-1, UO-4 A UO-1 was borrowed from the Navy to demonstrate the advantages of aircraft during prohibition. The demonstration was successful and appropriations were forthcoming for the first Coast Guard purchase of aircraft. The Coast Guard Commandant, Admiral Billard, obtained an appropriation of $162,000 for the purchase of five aircraft specifically designed for the Coast Guard. Three were modified Loening OL-5 amphibians with strengthened hulls for rough water landings and larger fuel tanks providing for increased fuel for extended law enforcement patrols. And two UO-1s were upgraded to UO-4s. Two UO-4 were purchased. One was based at Coast Guard Air Station Ten Pound Island  and one at Coast Guard Air Station Cape May which was commissioned in 1926. The OU-43 were given tail numbers CG-4 and CG-5 Manufacturer: Model: Year: 1926  

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