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Sikorsky HUS-1G (HH-34) “Seahorse” (1959)

The Coast Guard acquired six HUS-1Gs from Sikorsky in 1959. It was medium range utility helicopter, its primary mission in the Coast Guard was search and rescue work. It was also suited for transporting personnel and cargo, reconnaissance, and general utility. The main cabin is located directly beneath the main rotor with pilots’ compartment above and forward of cabin. A Wright engine located in the nose is accessible by clamshell doors. Interior accommodations included side-by-side seating for pilot and co-pilot and 10 seats for passengers in the cabin. Design features include a 600-lb. rescue hoist, automatic stabilization system, towing apparatus, provisions for instruments and night flying, a droppable fuel tank an port side for range extension, and dual control systems.

It was planned to replace the HO4S helicopters with the HUS. Three out of the first six were lost in over water accidents by November of 1962. As a result the Coast Guard opted for the HH-52A turbine helicopter.

Under a DOD directive dated 6 July 1962, the services’ standardized all helicopter designations and the HUS-1G became the HH-34F.

Of Interest:

The remaining three helicopters were transferred to the CIA for operation by Air America in South East Asia. One was lost in Laos and the other two were eventually transferred to the Royal Lao Air Force.