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Consolidated P4Y-2G “Privateer”

The first six PB4Y-2aircraft were obtained beginning in 1945, They were used as support aircraft for the Coast Guard Loran Stations throughout the Pacific. Originally based out of Coast Guard Air Detachment Kaneohe, Hawaii, the detachment moved to NAS Barbers Point Hawaii when  the Navy closed NAS Kaneohe. In 1952 during the Korean War the Navy asked the Coast Guard to provide long range SAR capability for the Pacific supply routes. An additional seven PB4Y-2s were obtained and configured for SAR. The designation was PB4Y-2G. After the Korean War the PB4Y-2Gs were based out of CG Air Detachment Barbers Point, CG Air Station San Francisco and CG Air Station San Diego. They were used for long range Search and Rescue responsibilities. The last four PB4Y-2Gs were sold as surplus in July 1958.