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Sikorsky- HH-3F   “Pelican”

In November 1967 the US Coast Guard procured the first of the HH-3F Pelican Helicopters.   This twin turbine, medium range, amphibious, all weather helicopter extended the Coast Guard offshore search and rescue capabilities.  The HH-3F had a maximum speed of 142 knots with a normal cruise speed of 130 knots and a range of 650 NM. The Coast Guard purchased 40 HH-3F’s. The last one was delivered in 1973.

The HH-3F was manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft, Division of United Aircraft Corporation, Stratford, Connecticut. The HH-3F was equipped with a single main rotor, twin engines rated at 1500 SHP each, a fully retractable tricycle landing gear, amphibious capabilities, and a hydraulically operated aft ramp that could be opened in flight, on the ground, or on water. The HH-3F was additionally well suited for marine environmental protection, logistic and reconnaissance support, enforcement of laws and treaties, defense readiness and drug interdiction.

. A sliding cargo door is located on the right side of the forward end of the cabin. An eight-foot ramp was located at the rear of the cabin. The cabin accommodated two crew-men and six passengers; more in a rescue situation. Two large windows located in the forward cabin were used as search stations.

During 1989 the US Coast Guard acquired five HH-3E helicopters from the US Air Force to supplement the HH-3F fleet and converted them to the Coast Guard HH-3F configuration.

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