HH 65 Cutter Boutwell Iraq
HH 65B
HH 65C loaded into HC 130
cgas detroit dolphin
HH 65c dolphin
HH 65C Miami 4
cgas bend
HH 65C North Bend 3
HH 65 8
HH 65 hoist 7
HH 65C Miami 3
HH 65 hoist
HH 65 Hookiing up1
HH 65C 1jpg
HH 65 hot fueling on Bertholf
HH 65cockpit 2 by
HH 65 9
HH 65 Atlantic City
HH 65 fueling
HH 65 Hot refuel
HH 65 formation M
HH 65 17jpg
HH 65 interior view
HH 65 cockpit
HH 65 14 on WHEC
HH 65 on deck of CGC Durable
HH 65C 3 JPG
HH 65 refueling CGC Midgett
HH 65 Verrazano Bridge MDA
HH 65 12
HH 65 landing on Reliance
HH 65 18
HH 65 C Helo Fuel
HH 65 with skis
hh65 dolphin2
HH 65 5
HH 65 Landing CGC Rush
HH 65 Active
HH 65 Deep freeze 99
HH 65C 4
HH 65 Harriet Lane
HH 65
HH 65 Cliff Rescue 2
HH 65 Humboldt Bay two aircraft jpg
HH 65A 19jpg
HH 65 on WHEC
HH 65C Hoist2
HH 65 Coming on Board Vailiant
HH 65 air refueling
HH 65 Lift off from Whec
HH 65 Primary Secondary tiedowns
HH 65 Air Sta Wash
HH 65 16 coming on board jpg
HH 65 departs WHEC
HH 65 MDA patrol
HH 65 Rescue swimmer coming back aboard
HH 65C Basket ops
HH 65 Avdet
HH65 with ski sleds A

Aerospatiale HH-65A/B/C   “Dolphin”

The twin-engine Dolphins operate up to 150 miles off shore and will fly comfortably at 120 knots for three hours. Though normally stationed ashore, the Dolphins can be carried on board medium and high endurance Coast Guard Cutters. The cutters are capable of refueling and supporting the helicopter for the duration of a patrol.

The SRR is utilized for Search and Rescue, enforcement of laws and treaties, including drug interdiction, polar ice breaking, marine environmental protection including pollution control, and military readiness. Helicopters carried on Coast Guard cutters greatly enhance surveillance capabilities and mission effectiveness.

HH-65As are made of corrosion-resistant, composite-structure materials. A feature of the Dolphin is its computerized flight management system which integrates state-of-the-art communications and navigation equipment. This system provides automatic flight control. Selected search patterns can be flown automatically, freeing the pilot and copilot to concentrate on sighting the search object.

All HH-65 helicopters were upgraded and designated MH-65C as of 2008. The MH-65Cs variant reflects the installation of armament and a significantly upgraded communications system.  Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron (HITRON) Jacksonville was the first operational Coast Guard unit to employ the MH-65C and has a total of 10 aircraft assigned to replace the MH-68A Stingray aircraft. 

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