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Out of the Wreckage

Last year, a Yukon couple investigated a crashed plane in the B.C. mountains near Alaska. What they uncovered solved another family’s 50-year-old mystery.


yukon crash plaque

It’s easy to spot the wreckage — if you know what you’re looking for.

Under sunny skies, the crushed remains of the plane glitter like a gem in the middle of the unending, forested mountains of Atlin Provincial Park.

Kyle Cameron remembers seeing the wreckage as a kid. The 36-year-old grew up in a renowned Yukon aviation family, and spent his youth flying around the territory and northern British Columbia with his parents.

It was during one of those flights that he first spotted the crash site. But it wasn’t until last summer that he finally saw it up close.

Cameron and his wife, Sara, are both aircraft mechanics in Whitehorse, and have a float plane of their own. They also have a fairly unusual hobby.

“Something Kyle and I love to do is go find old airplane wrecks and make a day of it, or make a couple days of it,” said Sara. “Usually, nothing comes of it — but before you know it, you can change a family’s life.




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