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CGAS Port Angeles WWII Diary

Publication is the only surviving copy of the original World War II weekly dairy (operational status reports) of the Port Angeles command in the Northwestern Sea Frontier composite command. The dairy was located in the old classified publication vault at Port Angeles by a young and new Custodian of Registered Publications Officer in 1959 buried along with lots of old documents kept on file shelves. After reading the diary, it was disseminated to the command and eventually xeroxed and bound in the leather cover now extant.

Having known of it’s existence since the beginning of rediscovery, the Commanding Officer, CGAS Port Angeles, Captain Mark J. D’Andrea was petitioned to let the Aviation Association digitally copy the diary and post it on the Aviation History website. The effort has been completed and the resulting PDF document is available on site for reading or downloading. The original document is back at CGAS Port Angeles, it’s home!

Click on the image below to view the full PDF document.

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