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Rescue of Survivors of Sabena Airline Crash 1946

Photos courtesy of Mrs. Alola Giffin Morrison (Daughter of Captain Alvin Giffin, USCG)

This compendium of photos are not inserted in the document in order of time or even sequence.  They are inserted as received from the owner Mrs. Alola Giffin Morrison and most are not known to the webmaster as to who persons are or events were at the time.

I did move the images of Mrs. Alola Giffin Morrison’s father to the last two images.  They show him as he was at the time as a Commander and then later as a Captain, United States Coast Guard.  Without his initiative to keep the photos and without Mrs. Morrison’s generous spirit we never would have been able to add these photos to the history of the event.

It may not be staggering to the average American or even Coast Guard Aviators today, but one must be mindful that this was the first ever major rescue for the helicopters in question and was to later create the climate wherein the Coast Guard became the prime user of helicopters for all types and kinds of rescue missions.

Some of the aviators, whose images appear in these photos, went on to become the historic figures in helicopter rescue history and the development of the helicopter for mercy missions that continue day in and day out today.

I hope that you enjoy this publication and the history that you see in these photographs.

Gilbert E. “Gib” Brown, Jr. Commander, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret) U.S. Coast Guard Academy ’56
USCG Aviator #795, CG Helo Pilot #395
Member, Coast Guard Aviation Hall of Honor

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