Grumman VC-11A “Gulfstream II” (1969)

Grumman VC-11A  “Gulfstream II” The Coast Guard acquired a single Grumman Gulfstream II in February 1969 as a high speed executive transport for use by the Commandant and the Secretary of Transportation. It was the successor to the highly successful G-159 Gulfstream I (VC-4A). The G1159 design retained much of the VC-4A fuselage and was also fitted with dual nose and main-wheels. New wings with 25 degrees of sweep and swept T-tail were designed. .A turbo-jet, purchased off-the-shelf, it was equipped with an Inertial Navigation System that allowed it to go any place in the world without outside input.  It was based out of Washington National Airport.  The VC-11A flew an average of 600 hours per year and carried an average of 6.5 passengers per flight.   Manufacturer: Model: Year: 1969    

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1963 – The VC-4A “Gulfstream I” (1963)

1963 - The VC-4A  “Gulfstream I” The Coast Guard acquired a special ordered G-159 Gulfstream 1 executive transport from Grumman Aircraft Corporation on 19 March 1963. Designated VC-4A it was based out of National Airport in Washington, D.C. and used to provide air transportation on a demand basis, to the Secretary of Treasury and members of his staff, the Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard and members of his staff and such other personnel as may be authorized by the Commandant.   The Gulfstream, a commercial aircraft designed for civil use required the implementation of a support system and aircraft maintenance procedures. LCDR John Moseley was assigned this project. Extensive consultation with the Grumman Aircraft Corporation and Atlantic Aviation Incorporated resulted in a maintenance procedure that was unique for its time in that the aircraft was constantly under check but never out of service except for grounding discrepancies and/or major component change requirements. The system proved very successful and was used by NASA for its fleet of G-159 aircraft. Parts support [...]

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Martin VC-3A (1953)

Martin VC-3A  The Coast Guard acquired two Martin 4-0-4's in 1952. The Martin 4-0-4 was a pressurized passenger airliner built by the Glenn L. Martin Company. They were initially designated RM-1 but this changed to RM-1Z after their interiors were upgraded. The designation again changed as per a DoD directive to VC-3A. They were given Coast Guard serial numbers 1282 and 1283. Each was stationed at National Airport and served as executive transports for the Commandant and the Secretary of Treasury until April 1967 and then the Secretary of Transportation when the Coast Guard was transferred to the DOT. It had rear ventral stairs and a retractable tricycle landing gear and was powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB16 radial piston engines. It was appointed well and very comfortable to ride in The aircraft were retired in 1969 and turned over to the U.S. Navy who gave them Bureau Numbers 158202 and 158203.   Manufacturer: Model: [...]

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