Grumman E2C “ Hawkeye” (1987)

Grumman E2C  “ Hawkeye” Contained in the Drug Abuse Act of 1986 was a provision for an the Coast Guard to form an air interdiction unit operating E2C aircraft. The Navy was to provide the aircraft and provide support facilities to operate the aircraft. Naval Air Station Norfolk was the designated naval support facility for E2C aircraft and became the initial site of CGAW1. A CGAS would later be established at St. Augustine, Florida for E2C operations The E-2C Hawkeye is an all-weather, carrier-based tactical battle management airborne early warning command and control aircraft. The E-2 is a twin engine, five crewmember, high-wing turboprop aircraft with a 24-foot diameter radar rotodome attached to the upper fuselage. It is equipped with an electronically advanced radar package. The E-2C was an ideal platform to initially acquire targets, closely control intercept aircraft, data link a “real time” picture to an operations center, and provide command/control services for other aircraft.  Initially intercept missions were assigned by the South Florida Interdiction Center. When C3I [...]