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Frishmann AC0001

LT. Tom Frischman at the controls of a HC-130P during a refueling mission.


HH-3E Pilots view from his helicopter “plugged into”
a HC-130P tanker.

Butchka 005

An “all Coast Guard” operation. LT Casey Quinn is the pilot of the HC-130P; LT Jim Loomis and LTJG Rob Ritchie are the pilots of the HH-3E; The picture was taken by LT Dick Butchka pilot of the second HH-3E.


LT Stice extracting a group of Army Rangers from a lima site in Laos.

a-1 overhead belly

It was dirty and oil streaked but to the downed airman it was beautiful. The distinct sound of the R3350 recprocating engine swinging that big propeller meant the “Jolly Greens” were on the way!

LT Jack Stice

LT Jack Stice desplaying the Coast Guard Ensign after pickup of Wolf 04. L to R Sgt Hammond PJ, 1/LT McDaniel; 1/LT Land; CAPT Boroczk; LT Stice (USCG); 1/LT Stout; Sgt Richardson PJ
(LT Stice is in the “Snoopy” Cap)

Casey 001

LT. COL Tyner, Squadron Commanding Officer Presenting a medal to LT Casey Quinn(USCG) along with CAPT Mitchell (USAF).

Mixon Crew0002

L to R Sgt Stanaland PJ, Sgt Beland FE, LCDR Mixon (USCG) P, Capt Byrd (USAF) CP, after rescueing a downed A-1 pilot from the top of a 5,200 foot mountain.

Ships bell

Ships bell presented to LT Stice and LT Long by the squadron PJs. There was a natural bonding between the PJs and the Coasties. L to R LT Long, Msgt Bradley, SSgt Harwell P. Quillion, LT Stice and kneeling Sgt Dennis C. Baker.