Martin P5M-1G/2G “ Marlin” (1954)

Martin P5M-1G/2G  “ Marlin” The prototype P5M Marlin was based on the PBM-5 Mariner. The P5M had the same wing but an extensively modified fuselage with a hull that extended the full length of the aircraft. It featured a tall single vertical stabilizer instead of the twin tail fins of the PBM-5 and the horizontal stabilizer featured a strong dihedral. The aircraft featured “hydroflaps” operated by the pilot’s rudder pedals, which could be used as water brakes. The P5M was a pure seaplane. The Navy ordered the P5M into production with changes to the prototype. The hull design was revised; the nose turret was replaced with a radome for an AN/APS -80 search radar; the cockpit was raised; the wing floats were mounted on single wide struts. Martin began a major redesign of the P5M-1 in 1951, producing the P5M-2. The P5M-2 had a distinctive tee tail, with a MAD boom fitted at the junctions of the tailplanes; uprated engines; much greater [...]

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Martin VC-3A (1953)

Martin VC-3A  The Coast Guard acquired two Martin 4-0-4's in 1952. The Martin 4-0-4 was a pressurized passenger airliner built by the Glenn L. Martin Company. They were initially designated RM-1 but this changed to RM-1Z after their interiors were upgraded. The designation again changed as per a DoD directive to VC-3A. They were given Coast Guard serial numbers 1282 and 1283. Each was stationed at National Airport and served as executive transports for the Commandant and the Secretary of Treasury until April 1967 and then the Secretary of Transportation when the Coast Guard was transferred to the DOT. It had rear ventral stairs and a retractable tricycle landing gear and was powered by two Pratt & Whitney R-2800-CB16 radial piston engines. It was appointed well and very comfortable to ride in The aircraft were retired in 1969 and turned over to the U.S. Navy who gave them Bureau Numbers 158202 and 158203.   Manufacturer: Model: [...]

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Martin PBM-3/5 Mariner (1943)

Martin PBM-3/5 Mariner The Coast Guard acquired 27 Martin PBM-3 during the first half of 1943. In late 1944, the service acquired the first group of 41 PBM-5 models and the additional PBM-5s were delivered in the last half of 1945. The last of the PBM-3s were retired from service July 1, 1946. By May of 1947 there were only 24 PBM-5s still in service. The last ten were still in service in 1955 although all were gone from the inventory by 1956.  These flying boats became the backbone of the long-range aerial search and rescue efforts of the Coast Guard in the early post-war years.   Manufacturer: Model: Year: 1943    

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