Lockheed HC-130 B/H/J “Hercules” (1959)

Lockheed HC-130 B/H/J   “Hercules” The C-130s have proven to be ideal for the Coast Guard mission. The first airplanes delivered to the Coast Guard were C-130Bs. In 1966 the USCG received another version of the HERCULES, a specially configured EC-130E equipped with calibration equipment for the service's far-flung LORAN stations. In the late sixties and early seventies, the Coast Guard began equipping with the HC-130H, soon after the same version went into service with the USAF. This updated version was obtained to primarily perform search and rescue missions. C-130J aircraft were obtained in 2004 for a logistic support role. They had an enhanced cargo handling system that allowed for rapid conversion from in-floor load tie-downs to rollers for palletized cargo. In 2008 they were upgraded with interoperable mission packages equipping them to function as very effective search and rescue aircraft. HC-130s can exceed 2,600 nautical miles (4,815km) in low-altitude flight with a mission endurance of up to 14 hours. Inertial Navigation [...]

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Lockheed R5O-1/4/5 “Lodestar” (1940)

The Coast Guard acquired a Lockheed Model 18 (R5O-1), Lockheed registration number 2008, and it was delivered and accepted on 14 May 1940. It was used as an executive transport aircraft.

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Lockheed R3O-1 “ Electra” (1936)

The Coast Guard acquired 1 Model 10-B Electra, which the Coast Guard designated R3O-1, for use as the commandant's flagship on 19 April 1936.The Coast Guard initially registered the Lockheed as No. 383, then changed it to V151. In addition to serving the commandant, this aircraft was also made available to the Secretary of the Treasury as well. The aircraft served the Coast Guard well but was traded to the Marine Corps in 1945 for a Grumman J2F. The commandant's executive transport aircraft by then was a Lockheed R-5O Lodestar, USCG No. 12453, acquired in 1942.

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