Fairchild C-123B “Provider” (1958)

Fairchild C-123B "Provider" In October of 1953 the Fairchild Aircraft Company was awarded the contract to begin a series production of 293 C-123B aircraft. It had an upswept rear fuselage modified with a hydraulically operated loading ramp. This shape remains the characteristic of most modern military transports to this day.  The C-123B was utilized as a troop carrier, medivac transport, and support missions from short, minimally-prepared landing strips. Operational enhancements continued and the aircraft was used extensively during the Vietnam conflict for a multitude of missions.  The Coast Guard acquired the first of eight C-123B’s from the USAF in June of 1958 for use as logistical transports in support of the expansion and installation of the LORAN C network and other isolated installations. These installations were situated around the globe, many of which were in remote locations. The aircraft operated from Coast Guard Air Stations located at Miami, Florida; Puerto Rico; Barbers Point, Hawaii; Guam; Kodiak, Alaska; and Naples, Italy. They were [...]

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Fairchild J2K-1/2 (1936)

The Coast Guard purchased two Fairchild J2K-1s and two J2K-2s in 1936. Two, V160 and V161, were assigned to Air Station St. Petersburg and the other two, V162 and V163, were assigned to Air Station Charleston. Three of the four were lost due to crashes.

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