Dassault-Breguet HU-25 “ Falcon” (1982)

Dassault-Breguet  HU-25 “ Falcon” The HU-25 Falcon Jet is a medium-range surveillance (MRS) fixed-wing aircraft that was used to perform search and rescue, enforcement of laws and treaties including illegal drug interdiction, marine environmental protection, and military readiness. The first aircraft was delivered in February of 1982 with subsequent deliveries of one per month for a period of 41 months per month for a period of 41 months. Forty-one HU-25 medium range surveillance fan jets replaced the HU-16E Albatross and the C-131A Samaritan prop driven aircraft in the Coast Guard aviation fleet. The Guardian's modern technology and design enhances its performance as the service’s first multi-mission jet. It is twice as fast as previous Coast Guard fixed wing aircraft and can get to the scene quickly to perform its role. A program, to upgrade the sensor capability on HU-25A aircraft resulted in the HU-25B variant. The HU-25B was equipped with the Aireye Surveillance System and wing pods carrying side-looking radar (SLAR). Additional [...]