For extraordinary achievement while participating in aerial flight during the early morning of 21 December 1955, as crew member aboard a Coast Guard helicopter engaged in the rescue of men, women and children during the flood disaster at Yuba City, California. With full knowledge of the dangers presented by the raging flood waters and darkness, ACCAMO displayed outstanding initiative and skill while serving as crewmember and hoist operator for twelve consecutive hours. On one occasion, ACCAMO jumped with a stretcher to the roof of a house and assisted in getting a polio stricken woman aboard the helicopter. Although his knees were rubbed raw and his hands lacerated from the arduous task of lifting and pulling the rescued persons into the helicopter from the hoist basket, ACCAM persisted in his efforts until relieved. His judgment and clear instructions in guiding his pilot during hoist operations greatly contributed to the successful rescue of 72 persons, and his expert airmanship, dauntless valor and unwavering devotion to duty reflect the highest credit upon himself and the United State Coast Guard.